In tune with yourself.
In tune with others.

Bonnie Hall, M. Couns.

Registered Clinical Counsellor
PHONE 778-230-4634

A designation of BC Association
of Clinical Counsellors


When we are out of tune

I am passionate about helping people achieve a sense of harmony in their relationships with a significant other, with family members, and with themselves.  I find that troubled relationships are at the root of most issues that people seek counselling for.  The relationship we have with others is connected to the relationship we have with ourselves.  Problems appear when people suppress their sense of “self” in order to promote relationship harmony with others, or when they sacrifice their relationships with others so as to preserve a harmonious relationship with self.   Often, things can appear to run smoothly until a life transition or a traumatic event triggers thoughts, behaviours, and emotions that can feel overwhelming.  Sometimes, unhelpful patterns are slowly developed over time.  The tension that exists between our desire for authenticity and our drive to belong can create anxiety and imbalance, which may then be manifested in problematic emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical experiences.

Finding harmony within, and with others

The key to resolving tension in our relationships with self and others is to learn to see ourselves more objectively, through a lens of compassion and acceptance; to engage in honest self-reflection so as to examine the role we may play in maintaining certain behaviour patterns; and to deal with our emotions and thoughts constructively so that we can live more fulfilling, productive lives.  The ultimate objective is to learn to be an authentic self while staying connected to others.  To help you move in this direction, I offer insights and practical strategies drawn from several therapeutic modalities, including brief solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, Bowen family systems therapy, Gottman couples’ therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), focusing-oriented therapy, and mindfulness practices.  I believe that each individual, couple, and family is unique, and I tailor interventions to meet your particular needs and goals.  As much of my work is rooted in strengths-based ideas that empower clients to tap into their own resources, I will work collaboratively with you to create a service plan.

Safe, supportive, and respectful counselling

In order for you to feel empowered and comfortable enough to embark on your journey of self-discovery, it is vital that you feel confident that you are in a calm, safe place of trust, warmth, support, acceptance, and respect; that you will not be judged, and will be genuinely and deeply heard.  You can expect this from me, along with my active engagement and guidance in the counselling process.  I offer a respectful and collaborative sharing of my knowledge and insights with you, and will not attempt to “fix” you or tell you how you should live your life.

I think that participation in counselling is one of the most worthwhile things one can do, and I would be deeply honoured to be a part of this process in your life journey.