In tune with yourself.
In tune with others.

Bonnie Hall, M. Couns.

Registered Clinical Counsellor
PHONE 778-230-4634

A designation of BC Association
of Clinical Counsellors


I offer couples’ counselling services for a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Beginning a relationship/pre-marital counselling
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Conflict
  • Distance and loneliness
  • Parenting and extended family issues
  • Feeling stuck in dysfunctional patterns of relating
  • Cross-cultural marriage
  • Ending a relationship/separation

Couples’ counselling can help you:

  • Learn to communicate effectively even when discussing difficult topics
  • Gain insight into how family of origin relationships might shape patterns of relating in your relationship as a couple
  • Build a sense of trust
  • Deepen intimacy
  • Establish a sense of connection and understanding
  • De-escalate conflict
  • Renew a sense of fun and pleasure in your relationship
  • Navigate the dance between autonomy and togetherness

Couples counselling sessions may be attended by one or both partners.  If you are struggling in your relationship and your partner is unwilling to come to therapy, there is still much you can accomplish in attending sessions alone.